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Vendors preview for The Scented Garden Show 2023

4CAg Service LLC, Vicki Lynn Shadden Cook. She is a farm girl, educator, gardener, cook and entrepreneur. She raises chicks and ducks and geese. She cares for horses, cows, mules, donkeys, goats and dogs. She cares for her family and friends and if need be your family and friends. She has a huge farm kitchen where she processes the fruits of her harvest seasonally. Jams, jellies, pickles, canned soups and broths. She can whip up the best of breads and soups.

She hosts a summer farm camp every year and introduces kids of all ages to all aspects of farm life, work and fun.

She hosts workshops on all seasons and aspects of gardening. She will be bringing the farm so to speak to the Scented Garden Show to present her unique and varied plant list. These plants include vegetable starts, herbs, berry bushes, specialty garden plants, decorative baskets. She will have information on her farm activities and farm related products. She is the hardest worker I know, ready to take on new projects to include The Scented Garden Show 2023. Come see her April 23rd and be ready to be a lifelong friend and fan. Check out her website :

or her Facebook page : 4C Ag Service LLC

Reimagined Cards, Susan Parker will be sharing her creations of greeting cards made from items she has saved, found, repurposed into new and completely unique cards. Her cards are never duplicates, always items of inspiration to her, products of a very creative, sincere and fun-loving person. She puts her heart and soul into her cards. She has a sentiment for every life situation. You will need one for every occasion. I am hoping she will bring her artistic journals to show another beautiful aspect of her work.

A couple from my own stash because we all

know this person and can relate to garden inspiration:

Re-Imagined Cards are different in that they are made from materials Susan has on hand from past projects or she has been given. They are collaged and layered with ephemera, so each card is truly one-of-a-kind. Re-Imagined Cards’ philosophy is to use existing "stuff". Numerous, wonderful people take the time to think of her and making cards; save their stuff; bundle it up; contact Susan; mail it or even drop it by! These are suppliers of a tip on an estate sale for cardstock, unused and previously sent cards, pretty paper, ribbon & lace and all kinds of interesting ephemera.

Check out Susan's Facebook page: Re-Imagined Cards

Gemini WoodArt

Heather Dunaway will be at the Scented Garden Show with a collection of her projects to include unique wooden plant markers, paint kits, glo crystals. She does seasonal yard art with our favorite caricatures along with custom pieces. Her work is always beautifully finished. These items make unique and thoughtful gifts as well as keepsakes.

She has done specialty projects for me in the past like the beautifully crafted screens I use in my papermaking projects.

Check out Heather's website and Facebook page:

for a more complete idea of what she can do and where she will be with her work this spring.

We are thrilled she will be joining us at The Scented Garden Show.

My favorite of all of her projects is this one about the coffee. I smile every morning over my coffee because this sign speaks to me. She'll have something unique for you.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy these hard working and creative individuals who will be sharing their projects and products with us at The Scented Garden Show.

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