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Vendors Scented Garden Show

Just Right Alpacas, Janice and John Robinson

This is a fascinating farm and garden process. Janice processes dyes from "dye" plants and uses this for her alpaca wool and other fabric products. She is going to offer the natural yarns and dyed yarns. She will have a few items like dishtowels. She is always on to a new project using this age old technique. Be sure to visit with her at the Scented Garden Show.

Christine Caviness The Storyteller's Clay

From Christine: About me and my work: I’m a storyteller with clay, a wife who is so in love with her husband, a new mother to the most beautiful and petite little lady who makes me lose sleep but makes me smile the biggest. I am inspired by who Jesus is and was as a storyteller and how he wove truth into all the stories he told. I see so much of that in ceramics. I love nature and am inspired by nature in my work- how organic and imperfect, yet perfect it is. I also love the hope that pottery represents- the trials and fires we go through only bring out the beauty in us even more. The true self. So it’s an honor that I get to participate in the crafting of it and sharing it with others. Everything I make is with a white stoneware clay base and nature inspired glaze colors. All I make is dishwasher and microwave safe, so you can enjoy the beauty of the everyday in ordinary things.

From Monica: Be sure and look for Christine at The Scented Garden Show. She is a person full of love and light. She has a passion for life and her work in clay.

Happy Valley Goats, Martha Dietz

From Martha:

From Martha: "I started Happy Valley Goats almost a year ago. I have a small herd of goats that I am training to become therapy goats. I work with special needs children and adults, and anyone in general who needs help and can benefit from sitting with the goats. To support my goals, I handmake small batch goat milk soap, lotion, and bath salts. I also use wood from my property to make epoxy soap dishes. I try to make a variety of scents and will rotate them seasonally. If you have any questions or comments please see my Facebook page: Happy Valley Goats, or my website Thank you for your time. "

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