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Skyridge Farm's scented geraniums

Skyridge Farm scented geranium collection is listed below. Not all are available for sale right now but will be in good time. Let me know if you are interested in any of these varieties. I will be posting the varieties available after my scented garden show. I am also listing an ISO (in search of) scented geraniums that I have known and loved and lost. Some I'm just dreaming of! Let me know if you know of these varieties out there. Thanks.


Apple Crow's Foot Gray Lady Plymouth

Apricot Fair Ellen Lady Scarborough

Atomic Snowflake Fernleaf Lemon Balm

Attar of Rose Fingerbowl Lemon Lime

Brilliant Fragrans Little Gem

Charity Frensham Lemon Mrs. Taylor

Chocolate Mint Frosted Nutmeg

Cinnamon Rose Ginger Oak Leaf

Citrosa Godfrey's Pride Ocean Wave

Coconut Gooseberry Old Fashioned Rose

More :

Old Spice Pungent peppermint Skeleton Rose

Orange Pine Snowflake

Peach Robers Spanish Lavender

Peacock Round Leaf Rose Staghorn Oak

Peppermint Scarlet Unique Strawberry

Peppermint Shrubland Velvet Rose


ISO these Scented Geraniums:

Almond Joy Lucille

Angel Karoosence

Beauty Knotted Stem

Blandford Lemon Crispum

Candy Dancer Mabel Grey

Celery Leaf Mint Rose

Celery Leaf Orange Fizz

Cinnamon Pheasant Foot

Clorinda Prince of Orange

Concolor Lace Rose Sculptured

Copthorne Sweet Miriam

French Lace Village Hill Oak

French Vanilla

Golden Edge Rose (picture above: Clorinda)

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