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Judy Frazier's cards

Judy Frazier of Fredericksburg Texas who after a long and distinguished career in Nursing finally has time to pursue her talents as an artist. She has always had a remarkable gift for art in the forms of sketches, pen and ink, acrylics and oils. She now devotes one day a week to a project of her choice which reflects her life in Texas, her personal whims, her family and nature around her 20 acre homestead. She has always been an amazing and dedicated ICU nurse in service to the care of those in need. She's been a fabulous wife, mother, friend, sister, COOK. And now she is sharing with us the joy she finds in painting vignettes of life as she sees it. There is truly no project she doesn't absolutely capture on canvas perfectly. These cards are just a fraction of her accomplishments.

Skyridge Farm is thrilled to be able to offer her work in the form of greeting cards. These can be purchased individually or up to 4 cards at a time for minimal shipping. They are 5 x 7 inch size and frame beautifully in that size frame or larger. These make a unique card for any occasion or a unique gift set. Check out Cards in the Shop venue.


"Miss Molly" the cow, "Goofy Goat, "Smilin Jack" "Prissy Pig" can be a single card or a set of four. Check out the Cards category on Skyridge Farm!

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