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Celebrating the "Scented Garden" Celebrities

Skyridge Farm will be hosting "The Scented Garden" show at Will Rogers Park Conservatory April 3rd from 11 am to 2 pm. Some of the stars of my part of the show are scented geraniums. This picture shows blooms of Wildwood and Oak Leaf. Scented geraniums have tiny blooms, five petals. The top petals on these plants have dark maroon markings that look like little tulips blooming. Some blooms are so tiny they are hard to see, (apple scented) and some are quite large (Clorinda). The flowers are edible. The fragrance is in the pelargonium leaf. The scent is released when the back ribs on the leaf are rubbed.

I'll have more on what Skyridge Farm is bringing but I wanted to introduce you to the vendors who will be at the show on April 3rd. Some have been highlighted on this blog in the past:


Vicki is a farm girl, retired science and Ag teacher who has a passion for all things growing, plants, animals, poultry, people! She shares her farm in a summer farm camp for kids so they might experience farm life first-hand. Kids get to feed baby calves, gather eggs, harvest and cook potatoes, fish, jump on hay bales and more. She has a greenhouse full of starter vegetable and tomato and pepper plants right now, grows and crafts with succulents, creates hanging baskets of blooming flowers.

She always is in on the latest trend seasonally in gardening as well as the tried and true methods she has learned and shares. She is back to the basics in raising chickens for eggs, cattle for beef and instructing the next generation on growing food for the table. Vicki and I formed a lasting friendship immediately with our shared interests. She will be at The Scented Garden Show with lots to offer.

Check out her Facebook page

4CAgLLC and Vicki Lynn Shadden Cook, Facebook


The Leaf Lady, Joan Bruns

Joan Bruns in her own words: " In 2017 I took a workshop in order to explore something called botanical printing. I have become enthralled with this form of expression. What is botanical printing? It is a way of preserving the beauty of leaves through a unique printing process, leaving a detailed print on watercolor paper. Direct botanical printing allows for the creation of uniquely beautiful artwork. Characteristics of each piece are defined by the plants and the method. Using natural chemistry, leaves are put through a process that involves heat, pressure, moisture and time. The natural tannins of the plants are released and preserved.

Sometimes ink and /or dye is incorporated

into a piece and other times the work is


Plants speak to us. They are life sustaining.

We celebrate the beauty of them.

Available items include journals, cards and

bookmarks. Prices range from $5 to $10 per


This leaf print is one she created for me personally in a series of prints for a project I'll highlight separately (Monica). Her work is a great way to preserve for posterity. This leaf is a pine scented geranium from my greenhouse.

Joan donates her profits to different charities and worthy causes of her choosing. She is an inspiration and a joy to know. Her work is truly beautiful.

Oklahoma Leaf Lady profits from this event will be donated to Positive Tomorrows. The POSITIVE TOMORROWS MISSION: Partnering with homeless families to educate their children and create pathways to success.

Joan Bruns, The Leaf Lady of Oklahoma (Facebook)

PLANT WISDOM, Kathy Plant and Alex Wisdom:

(From Kathy:) "About six years ago, after working together at a plant retailer, we decided to go into business for ourselves, growing what we like best, which usually includes the weird and uncommon although we grow a lot of the more recognizable plants, too. We grow herb and vegetable transplants in the spring and succulents and other houseplants year-round. We also have a line of our own wheel-thrown pottery planters. We sell our products at local farmers markets ad special events in the Oklahoma City area.


Items available: Begonias: Stained Glass, Morocco, Lanna, Sinbad Pink, Benigo Pink

Fuschia, Torenia, Ficus lyrata, Monstera deliciosa, Mostera adamsonii, Sanseveria

Hanging baskets: Petchoa mixes, Fuschia, New Guinea Impatiens, Tradescantia Baby Bunny Bellies, Tradescantia Bolivian, Plectranthus Cilliatus Gold.

Perennials: Nepeta Walkers Low, Scabiosa Butterfly Blue

Tomato transplants, Pepper transplants (hot and sweet)

Cucumber transplants

Herb transplants: Basil - Akoko Mesa and African Blue, Lavender Munstead and Goodwin Creek, Lamon Balm, Mints, Oregano and Za'atar Oregano, Rosemary Arp and Prostratus, Sage - Bergartten, Thyme - English and Lemon.

Contact info:

Plant Wisdom Greenhouses, Edmond, Oklahoma (405) 942-4769,

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