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Rosemary Gladstar's skin cream

Rosemary Gladstar is an herbalist in Virginia who has published several books on the healing properties of herbs. I learned how to make her fabulous skin cream from her recipes and videos. Mountain Rose Herb Co. has published their version of this and Mother Earth News has featured it also. This is a trick, mixing oil and water. Kind of like my marriage. But if you are patient all the beautiful ingredients will blend together and produce a silky smooth fragrant healing cream that you won't want to be without in the winter, in the summer, in the gardening seasons. Hands, face, feet, knees whereever you need it. Mine smells like roses.

Rosemary’s Perfect Cream

Was published in Herbs for Health magazine created by Rosemary Gladstar

These are for sale at the Arcadia Farmer's Market General Store.

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