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Skyridge Farm: Watch for the sales that go shipping!

Skyridge Farm has a new website. It's beautiful. It's my version of what I love. This website will provide an up to date listing of what I have available in season. It allows the customer to opt for shipping or local pick up or delivery. I will have lots of herbs, scented geraniums, miniature roses, butterfly and bee plants and some of my latest greatest favorite perennials and annuals. I have lots of projects in the works. I have always felt that if I could plant something, cook something, paint something and do something nice for someone else my days would be filled with happiness. I used to do all that in the same day. I've slowed down. These are troubling times and I miss my people I don't get to see but I do stay busy.

PLANTS: Skyridge Farm has an availability list of plants for sale from the greenhouse to be delivered either locally or via USPS depending on the hardiness of the plants. Check out the "Shop" section to see what's in stock.

If you want to order on line I can get these together for you and drop them off locally for pick up. I'm not accepting visitors at the farm currently and don't have a drive thru window on the turnpike yet but I am all about getting your plants to you safely. After April 1st or depending on your location and the cold tolerance of the plants I can ship these to you via USPS. The shipping is priority mail 2 to 3 day delivery and the plants will be sent with a root ball wrapped in waxed paper and a plastic bag. The priority boxes can accommodate a lot more plants this way and the plants travel fine.

Also I am willing to replace a plant that does not thrive or refund your money if it fails completely provided the request is made within 30 days of purchase.


I will be posting some of my favorite projects with instructions. Right now that is "Herbal Gifts for the Holidays" Simple projects to include plants, recipes, bath products, crafts and more.

FOOD: I will be listing some of my favorite recipes. This time of year there is lots to list.


I want to be able to highlight in my own website and blog special people in my life who I much enjoy and admire. Mostly local people who have start up businesses they've worked very hard to see thrive. People who are uniquely talented, people who serve the communities around them and beyond and people in which I have found inspiration and friendship. These people are marqueed not necessarily, I hope you know, in any specific order of importance but rather who I feel most need to be mentioned in the current blog.

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