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More to be celebrated, "The Scented Garden"'s vendors

SUSAN PARKER Re-Imagined Cards:

(From Susan):

Re-imagined Cards is really a hobby that just got out of control. Family and friends always seemed to like the Christmas cards I made so I just kept making cards… Re-Imagined Cards is now an attempt to use, in some creative way, all the great ephemera and craft stuff I’ve collected (or inherited) over the years from various projects. These collage cards are sometimes thoughtful and sometimes clever, but always unique. Their design depends on what I have on hand, so there will never be another Re-Imagined Card just like it that’s for sure! Recycled & Repurposed from whatever it was before… I will have all types of cards, from serious to cheeky, birthday to thank you, and for The Scented Garden Show I will also be bringing a variety of garden themed cards. You can take a peek at Re-Imagined Cards on my website

Re-Imagined Cards profits from this show will be donated to Positive Tomorrows which is an organization that partners with homeless families to educate their children and create pathways to success. Re-Imagined Cards Susan Parker 405-840-2146 studio 405-740-7987 cell Facebook: reimaginedcards Recycled & Repurposed from whatever it was before…

Susan never ceases to amaze and delight. Her cards are perfect for any and all occasions.


Firefly Earth Regenerative

From Alycia: "Small scale gardener focusing on pollinator plants and herbs. Striving to learn and share sustainable and regenerative yard care practices. I will have a variety of pollinator wildflowers, herbs, and a few other plants.

During the summer of 2021, a group of friends and I - all who had profound passions for nature, regenerative yard care practices, and community - began meeting and touring various farm types together (biodynamic, veggie and herb, and tallgrass prairie regeneration). These meetings transformed into yard days at each other's homes, helping with various projects, and learning from one another along the way. It was clear to me that this was the direction I wanted to go with my career. These friends, along with others, helped me have the confidence to move forward and start Firefly Earth Regenerative. As a small-scale gardener, I am currently focusing on growing starters of wildflowers and herbs, which are vital to the local ecosystem to draw in beneficial predatory insects and pollinators. Because of their attraction, this makes them a great sustainable addition to your home gardens and/or landscaping to aid in biological control by keeping harmful pest populations in check and increasing crop production. With Firefly Earth Regenerative being a seedling itself, I am excited to share this journey and my passion for biology associated with plants and regenerative practices with you all.

A few of the plants I will have to offer at the Scented Garden Show will include but not limited to:

Wildflowers - cosmos, hollyhock, marigold, nasturtium, prairie purple clover, salvia, zinnia

Herbs - chamomile, catnip, dill, sage, thyme, tulsi tea/holy basil

Other plants - sugar snap peas, early jalapenos, aloe vera

Alycia joins us in celebrating spring with her own vision and version. We are excited to follow her journey.


"My name is Heather Dunaway and I am the owner of Gemini WoodArt. We specialize in yard art and wood home decor. All our products are 100% handmade from a variety of quality woods.

We have an amazing design team that can customize your design for holidays, birthdays, special occasions. For the garden show we will showcase our new wood bead garlands, book sets, and a variety of gnomes. "

Heather is so creative and has such a great variety of wood items to share with us. She custom created a project for me not too long ago that was perfectly done and a product I would not have had if not for her. She is so talented and I am excited to have her as part of this event.

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