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More Scented Garden Vendor Celebrities

I am going to tell you about a few more of the vendors who will be at this event. There will be15 vendors in all to include Skyridge Farm.


Colleen Garrett, a dear friend, has a beautiful line of handcrafted candles. These candles are going to be a perfect partner for The Scented Garden Show. This is Colleen's intro to her work:

Fabulous fragrance, wooden wicks, fragrance for your vehicle, or anywhere you want. She does special orders. She is also wife, mother, grandmother, special ed teacher assistant in Edmond, and is the very best at hair color and style. She always finds time for those who need her and then she creates these gorgeous candles. Be sure and look for her April 3rd at the Show.


The menu speaks for itself here but Dawn's creations go way beyond. She has hot cocoa bombs, coffee bombs, lots of flavors. She does chocolate dipped treats, banana pudding, cheesecakes. Custom desserts for kids and adults. We could skip the plants and all just grab a table close to Dawn's booth. I plan to have hot and iced tea blends and flavored waters. Perfect for a day of celebrating early Spring!

Check out Sweet Temptations Chocolate shop on Facebook and her website :

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