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These are the days . . . . Varynkino

"And remember: you must never, under any circumstances, despair. To hope and to act, these are our duties in misfortune." Boris Pasternak, Dr. Zhivago.

There is only so much we can do these days but hope. This is what winter looks like in Oklahoma. These days are going to be the hardest part of winter. This is our Varynkino (Dr. Zhivago) my favorite movie ever.

I am offering comfort to you today. Starting plants for the spring season, my versions. People I know and love and their talents to brighten your days. Comfort foods. Soothing skin cream. Two gorgeous scented geraniums that will add some sparkle to your windowsill. Check out the "Herb Girl Grows Wild" blogs for February. Plants, People, Pelargoniums, Projects and Food. My favorites. Stay warm and healthy.

"Someday we'll meet again my love, someday whenever the Spring breaks through." Lara's theme, Dr. Zhivago.

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