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The Scented Garden Show 2023

Highlighting the vendors for an idea of what the show will offer!

I am really excited about this upcoming garden event. This show has a unique flavor of its own. Its being held in a beautiful vintage building in Chandler Oklahoma as I mentioned in the last blog. Now I plan to show you why the show is so special. The vendors make the show. I will give you a good look at the different vendors, who they are, what they will bring to sell and how they will make the show an event you will absolutely not want to miss.

I'll start with my favorite vendor, Skyridge Farm.

Skyridge Farm is owned and operated by Monica Arndt, an eccentric but

pleasant old lady who has been actively involved in growing and selling her favorite herbs and plants. She began this pursuit almost 30 years ago. She found out along the way that you really can't do everything every day for everyone. So she has narrowed down her plant list to her Favorite plants. She has started this Scented Garden Show because it gives her an opportunity to celebrate her own collections and also to welcome some very talented people to share what they have done.

Highlighted here are a few of Monica's favorite "Favorite"plants:

Scented geraniums

Miniature roses

Sweet lavender

Lemon verbena

For a plant availability list or for any other questions please feel free to e mail me at or PM me at Skyridge Farm on Facebook.

There will be more posts about more vendors soon. Thanks!

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When is the scented show in Chandler? We would like go. Let us know. Thank

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