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Sylvetta Arugula, Marseille Basil, Lemon Cypress

Two of my favorite heirloom herbs. The arugula has always been slow to germinate. Not any more! The Marseille basil has always been easy and profuse. Not this year. So I found two seed sellers of the small business type and ordered seed. The arugula seed arrived from Quail Seed company, a couple who live in California and survived the terrible forest fires. The seed germinated in a matter of days prolifically in my gutter gardens. I am waiting on new Marseille seed from Terroir Seeds, a couple who specialize in heirlooms. I'll let you know how that goes.

Sylvetta arugula from Quail Seed

Lemon cypress and lemon cypress cuttings . .. ....

I bought the lemon cypress for topiary and went ahead and tried to root the cuttings. I read that it would take a year to root (bay tree takes a year). It was on a heat mat in my greenhouse and rooted in 3.5 months. Beautiful! I will be offering these when they mature. I will be offering salad herb garden sets also. Salad burnet, arugula, sorrel, parsley, chives, and more.

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