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Starting Anew!

January is a time of starting anew. This is the time for starting your seeds for spring. I have recently moved from Skyridge Farm to "town" to a charming house and big yard. I missed my greenhouse and ordered one as a kit from Tennessee to be shipped to Oklahoma. I am very pleased to tell you that it was a great purchase and will share the information. The company is called Greenhouse Solutions. They have a nice website. I ordered a hobby greenhouse 12 x 16 ft which is a lot smaller than what I had on the farm. It is going to work out beautifully. It was delivered by semi to my driveway. Ron was able to put it together and I am now enjoying space with my scented geraniums with plans for a spring line of plants. More on the methods and plant list later!

The New House

The Greenhouse going up

Plants in Progress

So watch for my spring collections of plants, my events, my projects. I am all about the new year and the fresh starts.

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