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So start with the seed list. Right now salad veggies, salad herbs, cool season plants. I have seed trays watered from the bottom on a heat mat to 70 degrees in the greenhouse. Arugula for sure. Cilantro. Lettuces, greens, radishes. Not basil.

So I ordered seed from Kids Seed Company. They are a family in Asheville, NC who garden, save seed, sell the excess. I have posted on here before of their home based business. I got radishes, the watermelon looking ones, the French breakfast, nasturtium and more. I truly want to have them all. They have collected seed from all over to include France. The pictures on their website are beautiful, gardens, kids and a beautiful Pyrenese. I ordered from Richters in Canada, another organic non-GMO family business. Amazing plant and seed list.

Check out Kids Seed Co catalog and about them on their website

Caroline planted cornflower (makes a

beautiful tea!) and nasturtiums!!

Vicki Cook at 4C Ag and Susan Parker are offering seed starting basics and a winter sowing project at her farm in Harrah. Check it out!

One more beautiful project I am so excited about is about to happen at Jennie Arndt's preschool program. I'll have more on that later. We will all eat healthy and garden. Live long and prosper!

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