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Arcadia Farmers Market and General Store is a 3 year old success story in Arcadia, Oklahoma. The result of several dedicated women who started an open air farmers market on the West end of town and eventually opened a beautiful general store stocked with local produce, handcrafted items, plants and groceries on the East end of town. This is where you will find Skyridge Farm plants or can arrange a pick up.

Vicki Lynn Shadden Cook is the owner of 4CAg farm in Harrah, Oklahoma. She is a former teacher of Ag and Science for elementary school. She works harder than anyone I know. She has a passion for all things growing, animal, plant or people. She raises and sells her own beef, eggs and produce. She has a licensed kitchen in the works. She hosts a farm camp for kids in the summer where they learn the workings of a farm, gardening and tending to the poultry and baby animals. She hosts birthday parties on the farm. She hosts frequent classes and workshops, info available on 4CAg website and Facebook.

Vicki and Monica at the Outdoor Arcadia Farmers Market.

Joan Bruns, The Leaf Lady, LLC. Joan is an artist who creates the unique and beautiful botanical prints.

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Susan Parker
Susan Parker
Jan 18, 2021

Great write ups on everyone!


You are doing a great job, keep up the good work my friend.

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