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Out of the chair and "on the air"!

I survived the winter disasters in Oklahoma, a bout of Covid and all the on farm crazy things that happen. My scented geraniums survived but they looked a little worse for wear and tear and so did I. I had one bad night with Covid. I went outside at 0330 am to look for the cat who hadnt come in the night before. She raced past me and I began to wonder if she would have to come look for me the next day. My head hurt, my legs didn't want to walk, I was coughing. I tested positive, my husband tested positive, I was told to take vitamin C, D, magnesium etc. I was "slammed' with no stamina or energy for a month. Then my kids in North Carolina that I had not seen in a year and a half called and said they were coming to Oklahoma for Easter. They were able to get the vaccines. I hadn't cleaned house in a year and a half. So I was out of my chair and back to my usual hyper frenetic self.

Recently I was made "famous" by a Linda Vater You Tube video of a series of segments for her syndicated TV show where we were talking about propagating cuttings. And business on the website was busy. I was getting ready for Spring Markets and Festivals, getting herbs ready. So my first few sales of scenteds the plants were not a uniform size or weight. Inventory was a bit off. I ship plants flat rate with the root balls wrapped in waxed paper priority mail. This is to be able to offer more plants and less plastic pots. One geranium was crowded in, several were not quite up to par. Its like Dolly Parton's daddy told her, "you can't stuff 50 lbs of mud in a 5 lb. bucket". So I have trimmed and pruned back and done cuttings and fed plants and we are in a better place with the scented geraniums that will be shipping. This will explain why so many of the varieties are "out of stock". This is temporary. They will be lusher plants for having been cut back, repotted and fed. Life lesson : Sometimes you have to be "slammed" to bounce back stronger. My kids came and went. We had a beautiful Easter.

Dolly also said she was one of the first women to burn her bra. It took the Fire Dept 4 days to put out the fire. She also said people ask her how long it takes to style her hair. She said she's never there when it happens. She had a dress made for her first CMA Awards show and when she was called up to get her award her dress was too tight and split down the front middle. Thus the 5 lb bucket quote. She said she grabbed somebody's fur coat sitting in front of her as she went onstage and made the best of it.

I will be giving more advice on growing and caring for scented geraniums. In the meantime check out The Spruce website, growing and caring for scenteds. Its a great overview. I will be talking more from an Oklahoma version, things I've learned. This time around I'm featuring the Oak Leaf variety. I will be featuring my sister Judy Frazier's fabulous personal art work in greeting cards that will be available on my website. A Quiche Louise!, some kindred spirits I call my friends, upcoming events etc.

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