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Even more Scented Garden vendors to celebrate


Prairie Wind Nursery, owned by Bill and Sally Farris, has been a grower and marketer of herbs, butterfly and landscape plants for the past two decades. They have always had an extensive variety to pick from. We are excited they will be at the Scented Garden Show.

Check out Prairie Wind Nursery's

website and Facebook Page.

Facebook: Prairie Wind Nursery

The Story Teller's Clay is a small pottery business owned by Christine Caviness that was born out of appreciation for handcrafted pottery where each piece was formed intentionally by the potter and not mass produced or perfect.

Christine will have loads of mugs for Skyridge Farm's handcrafted teas, planters for houseplants and more fun pieces to choose from.

This is Monica's very own Storyteller's Clay

mug handcrafted by Christine. Her work is unique

and gorgeous.

Christine Caviness, Story Teller's Clay!

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