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Debbie Tripp and Susan Parker

My two "winter sowing" gurus but there is so much more about these fabulous friends.

Debbie Tripp is owner and grower at Rosemary Hill Herb Farm. She lives and gardens in a forested area of Crystal Springs, Arkansas near Hot Springs which is central Arkansas. Growing there is a far different process than Skyridge Farm in Jones, Oklahoma. We share the same love of everything herbal. Very often we share herbs and herbals. We have traveled the two states together for years through all kinds of weather and other diverse adversity and all for the Love of Growing and Selling the Earth's best plants. She grows a lot from seed in winter in plastic jug containers. Debbie taught me a lot about "winter sowing". She is one of the most knowledgeable and devoted herbalists. She also has to claim Ron as her big brother which means we share in the Arndt family adventures.

Debbie is a vendor at the Hot Springs Farmers Market, a master gardener and a member/founder of the Herban League the Hot Springs Herb Society. She is a former high school math teacher and like all the Arndts she is right brained/left brained, creative and logical, hard working, laid back, fun loving and dedicated to her family as well as her beautiful collection of herb plants. Look for her on Facebook as Debbie Tripp.

Susan Parker taught me a lot about "winter sowing". She has had a career in Education promoting and tweaking programs for special education. She is thoroughly organized and disciplined in everything she does while at the same time being a "free spirit" and independent in her artistic expression.

She lives in a neighborhood close to the busy city. Her yard is a shady myriad of winding paths, vignettes and plantings, no grass to mow. She knows every inch and keeps a variety of plastic container plantings close to her backdoor through the winter.

She is also the owner and creator of a fascinating handcrafted greeting card business called, "Recycled, Repurposed Reimagined Cards. Her cards are chic, clever, charming and sometimes "cheeky" combinations of old things saved and salvaged and put together to form a one of a kind, unique creation. Sometimes these little things saved and added are old Green Stamps, postage stamps, pieces of Aunt Somebody's handcrafted quilt, sometimes pieces of her garden. Her captions or quotes speak from the heart and soul of a truly genuine and fun woman and friend in the latest trendy fashion.

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