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Arcadia Farmer's Market Event

Skyridge Farm will be at the Arcadia Farmer's Market pavillion April 24th from 8 am to 2 pm.f

The pavillion is on the North side of Route 66, East of Pops, West of the Round Barn.

Heading into Spring finally I will be bringing a great variety of herbs and scented geraniums.

Basil - Genovese ( 3 " pots ) Large Italian Variety

Basil - Red Rubin 3" pots The truest purple variety, great for vinegars

Rosemary - Arp Hardy variety, to about 4' tall, grey/green small leaves

Rosemary - Herb Cottage Beautiful shape, nice container rosemary

Rosemary - Tuscan Blue Fragrant, thick dark green leaves, great culinary, topiary

Rosemary - Prostrate Makes a great container plant, great ring topiary

Salad Herbs: A few salad burnet, perennial evergreen mound shape. Used for garnish, salad.

Sorrel, Citrusy tart winter hardy, makes a great pesto, high in vitamin C

curled parsley, more compact than the Italian, just as flavorful, high in vitamin C, nutrients

nasturtium, orange and yellow blooms, pepper tasting leaves, edible flowers

French tarragon - likes a raised bed

Miniature roses - mostly yellow and red in 4" pots

Lemon balm, shade plant , has anti-stress properties, great in tea

chocolate mint, peppermint, low growing, good companion plant

candy mint strong peppermint variety

Thyme - English bush thyme, culinary, perennial

French The most fragrant, upright growth

Lemon Great flavor and nutrition

Orangelo - A French thyme with traditional earthy scent but with overtones of a citrusy orange scent

Hi Ho Silver Variegated leaves, beautiful in containers, good culinary

Mother of Thyme ground cover thyme, vigorouse grower

Lavender : Provence - Hardy variety upright growth habit, one bloom in late spring

Phenomenal Provence type, as hardy as Provence

Platinum Blonde variegated striped lavender, great contrast in the garden, blooms

Copper Canyon Marigold Large Texas sagebrush plant, the best mosquito repellent

Lemongrass Used for mosquito repellent, culinary , medicinal benefits, not hardy

Tansy - Tall upright growth habit, good ant and mice repellent, tiny yellow button flowers

Powis Castle Artemesia drought tolerant, very hardy , lacy silvery fragrant landscape

Helene Von Stein Lambs Ears - very thick large leaves, landscape plant, very hardy

In the works, not quite ready: Thai basil, Spice Island Rosemary, Sylvetta Arugula, Fox tail rosemary, Catnip, Comfrey, Feverfew, Stevia, Moringa, Eucalyptus varieties, Silver Dollar, Globulous, Lemon, Oregano Italian, Greek and Turkish. Lemon Verbena, Winter Savory. Catmint, Coronation Gold Yarrow, Pineapple Sage, African Blue Basil, Germander, Sweet lavender, Mexican Mint Marigold

And More . . . . .just ask. Just ask before dark please.

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