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Apricot, Attar and Atomic Snowflake

Pelargonium 'Apricot' has a fruity fragrance and an upright growth habit, dark green leaves and a stunning dark fuschia to light pink petaled blossom with maroon veining. A vigorous grower easy propagation.

Attar of Rose or Rose of Attar pelargonium has a tall growth habit and the best of the rose geranium scents. It blooms with pink blossoms and is easily propagated.

Atomic Snowflake pelargonium has a tall meandering growth habit, variegated leaves splotched with white, tiny pink and maroon flowers and a lemon-rose scent. I would love to know the history on this geranium as it has to be a hybrid cultivar from post Victorian days to be called "atomic".

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1 Comment

Susan Parker
Susan Parker
Jan 18, 2021

Love the color on the Apricot - funny name though for the color of the bloom

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