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And sow on and sow on .... ...

January is the time to start your garden planning and seed sowing. I head to the greenhouse every morning to see if anything has sprouted overnight. Seeds I start this time of year include basils and salad herbs. There are lots of tricks to getting those seeds going. I have two tables with heat mats that will get me to the spring with starts.

I also know a lot of growers that are starting things I am not. At this time I am working on a seed starting class with Vicki Cook of 4CAg who has a beautiful farm on so many acres. If you are interested here is her link for more information.

Arcadia Farmers Market General Store will be carrying starter plants and veggies for your spring garden. Check out their Facebook page: Arcadia Farmer's Market General Store.

My favorite basil is a dwarf bush large leaf, heirloom French sweet basil. It has the most divine "bury your face in it" fragrance. Its a heavy producer and I am dreaming in January of lots and lots of Marseille.

Marseille in my basil garden

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